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“A rapid-fire, soup-to-nuts overview that will help authors see just how much they’re able to choose from in building a platform.”

Seth Godin, author of 17 bestselling titles, translated into more than 35 languages.

A great book is no longer enough. An author platform is the most powerful key to success in today’s saturated market, and increasingly, publishers are demanding that new authors come to them with an existing audience of interested followers. Authors who are self-publishing have an even bigger need to build an engaged audience.

Social media makes building the author platform easier than ever, but, unfortunately, most authors struggle to get it right. How can authors create their unique platform, connect with followers, write a manuscript, and grow their business?

In Build Your Author Platform: The New Rules, top literary agent Carole Jelen and tech expert Michael McCallister apply their combined 35 years of expertise to outline 14 practical, hands-on steps to create a presence that will produce high book sales and expanded audience.


Build positive impressions of your product or business
Build a powerful brand and pave the way for marketing success

Need to create — or improve — a brand? This practical, plain-English guide gives you proven techniques for branding everything from products to services to individuals. You get step-by-step advice on assembling a top-notch branding team, positioning your brand, handling advertising and promotion, avoiding branding blunders, and keeping your brand viable, visible, and healthy.


Discover how to

  • Define your company’s identity
  • Develop your logo and tagline
  • Launch your brand marketing plan
  • Manage and protect your brand
  • Fix a broken brand
  • Make customers loyal brand champions


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The average number of followers per user is 208, according to DigitalInformationWorld. Makes you wonder how some Twitter accounts manage to accumulated 1000s, even millions of Followers. It can be done, and being famous is not a pre-requisite.

I never really used Twitter much in the past. It was a bit overwhelming watching 1000s of Tweets scroll by. My account stayed around 700 followers for 5 years. Then, this book came across my feed so I thought, “maybe I should try this again.”

Here’s What Happened

I Doubled My Followers in the First Week

Did you catch that? I gained as many followers in the first week as I’d had in the previous five years!


4/27      737

4/28      922

4/29     1045

5/3       1476

5/4       1565

This means, that if I stay the course, I could potentially have:

43,056 Followers in One Year

While the book reports that other users have achieved even higher numbers than this, I’d be pretty happy with these results since I don’t have much time to commit to this right now. Streamlining some tasks, by using some other apps. like Crowdfire, Hootsuite, and SocialOomp, should get my Twitter time down to 1/2-1 hour per day. Even so, an hour is a lot to spend, so why do it?

Pushing a Kindle Book to the Top

By following the strategies I found in the book (the basics are on the sticky note below) I was able to help push a new Kindle book into the top 100, and #1 in its categories. How do I know? Because my Twitter analytics revealed that the author’s downloads spiked on the same day I used Twitter to help promote her book. Very encouraging, right? And ultimately, that’s what I’m here for; to promote books.

A Winning Strategy for Increasing Your Followers on Twitter

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Follow the strategies found in Gain 100,000 Twitter Followers and be in the 34% of users that successfully generate leads. And tell @MisterSalesMan that @BeckHartBranding sent you.


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