How to Turn Your Bedtime Stories into Printed Books

danny putnam book
evie and bella

Sometimes we approach a project through a side door, rather than through the traditional one. This simple project was born out of mother-love for my children, and my habit of telling them tales. For years my kids have asked me to publish this particular story, about a bored little boy who goes out to play and discovers an underworld when he is pulled into a mole hill.
mariah evie in mole cave

My niece reading my book to her daughter

My son is getting married in four weeks, so I thought now was the time to get it done. I hired an illustrator, had the book printed, and it was in my living room during a family gathering that I hosted yesterday. It was tested and approved by a two, and a four, year old.
These are the steps I followed to get one of my bedtime stories printed, asap. You can do it, too.
  1. Outline your story, or use a storyboard app. to lay your story out. Here’s a free one. 
  2. Hire an illustrator. I used, and got 8-10 illustrations for $85.
  3. Use or Choose whatever book layout fits your story, then upload your text and illustrations.
  4. Order your book. Done.


ADVANTAGES TO THIS METHOD (as opposed to self-publishing)

  • Expedience and simplicity
  • Less skill required
  • A keepsake you might otherwise never have



  • You can make your book available to others, for purchase, on Snapfish and Shutterfly, but it may be more expensive than self-publishing.
  • Your book won’t be available in any other form but what the above services offer
  • Your book will not be available to the general public, and would be more difficult to market. If marketing to the masses is your goal, I wouldn’t recommend this method.

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