30+ ISBNs with His Name on Them. How?

Peter writing

Gifted and Disciplined Writers Are Rare

If you know a gifted, motivated, and highly disciplined writer, treat them like gold. They are rare. If you are married to such a person, you are familiar with the view pictured above. You have to be willing to see that, a lot. Did I say a lot? What I really meant was A LOT!

Author, Peter H. Gregory writes as early as 5am, and as late as 10pm, on weekends, on holidays, in airports, on trains, anywhere he can take a laptop. This is not his full-time job. This is in addition to his nine-to-five job as a Director and strategic advisor at a large security firm.

Most Aspiring Writers Don’t Like the Answer

Peter makes his talent look easy. Aspiring writers ask us what it takes to become a published author. We tell them about Peter’s rigorous schedule and the importance of having a support person or team.

99.9% of them walk away.

High Volume Writers Need Support

A talent for writing, and discipline, is what it takes to produce a lot of books….that, and a dedicated support team.

What does a good support team do? EVERYTHING but the writing and the willingness to go to family functions alone, forego social events, and postpone vacations because of writing deadlines, if you happen to be married to your writer.

Envy His Wikipedia Page

You can check out the Peter H. Gregory Wikipedia bio page to verify his ISBN list (which needs updated to include recent years, by the way). If you’re a writer and you’re envying that bio page, just remember how many thousands of hours of writing, missed family get-togethers, missed views, and lost sleep it took to create. It can be done but not without hard work and sacrifice.

Is it worth it? Simply put: YES! We love our life as a writing/marketing team. It works for us.

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