Does Lighting Effect Creativity?

Maybe There’s Something To It!

gregory home office

Guy Kawasaki referenced an article called, Hit The Dimmer Switch For a Creative Boost, today on LinkedIn. After recently moving, painting my office a cheery light yellow, and adding blinds that could be opened to allow in plenty of light, I wondered, does this flood of light help me concentrate or does it inhibit my creativity? Does dimmer light really make me feel more creative?

Sharing an office with a very prolific author might “shed some light” on this (excuse the predictable pun there). Here’s what it looks like when Peter is being his most creative self:

  • Overhead light off
  • Window blinds open allowing in only natural light
  • Occasional use of a desk lamp
  • Ambient music like Groove Salad (ear buds if outside noise is a distraction)
  • A glass of chardonnay or red wine but only toward the end of the project

From the article: “There was one caveat: The researchers noted dim light didn’t promote creativity if the participants felt inhibited. And dimmer light might hinder analytical, logical tasks.” That makes sense to me.

My office tasks are investigative and organizational. My environment looks like this:

  • Overhead light on
  • Blinds open or shut depending on where the sun is (our office has a western exposure)
  • Occasional use of a desk lamp
  • Rock music to get me going
  • Coffee

The article touches on how it works for us. Maybe there is something to it. gregory home office2

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